Below is a list of topics planned for the 2015 Annual Meeting:

SACSCOC What's in it for you?

Loan Default Prevention & Management 

Rising Textbook Costs: Rentals, e-books, Books

Capital Projects Delivery Methods

myinvestiGator: A Custom On-line Financial Reporting Tool for Principal Investigators

Facilities of the Future: Building for the "Net Generation"

College Rating System

Combating Title IV Fraud

CBO Retirements Ahead - Are We Ready?

Supplier Relationship Management: Building a Vendor Scorecard Process

Formula's End: Space Utilization Data and What It Means

Trends in Athletic Funding

Simplifying Financing Decisions

Women's Forum: Leaning In, Leading Forward

Compliance: The Value of Uncovering Hidden Costs

Financial Imperatives for Avoiding Financial Exigency

The Affordable Care Act & It's Impact on Higher Education

Public Private Partnerships

Using Financial Dashboard and Metrics to Assess Financial Health and Inform Strategy

Electronic Invoicing – Stop the Double Entry

Minority-serving Institutions Roundtable

Current/Hot Tax Issues for Colleges and Universities

Risks Trends in Higher Education

CAOs and CBOs Can be AOK

Becoming 100% Compostable: Turning Food Waste into a Valuable Compost Resource for the UGA Campus